Exterior vehicle maintenance

Maintaining your vehicle exterior doesn’t just mean giving it a quick wash every now and then. If not washed properly paint and rust damage can cause serious problems in the future if not tended to. Washing the car thoroughly is the simplest and most effective way to prevent future complications. Using professional grade cleaning products and materials such as microfibre cloths to clean the car are a really great for getting every bit of dirt and dust to reduce the risk of scratching on the paint surface.

Simple things like touching up scratches that may have occurred also, and keeping the hinges and moving parts of doors greased up real good and plenty can prevent rust problems over time. If you’ve never thought about waxing your car before because it seemed too much like a hassle, think again! Waxing your car is easy and quick, keeping your car in a garage also will make it so you don’t have to wax it as often and it is a very easy way to keep your vehicle looking shiny and fresh. Visit www.wikihow.com for a step by step guide on how to maintain your vehicle’s paint finish. Click the link to find the video below on Youtube.

Engine maintenance

Engine maintenance can be quite technical as times, but there are a lot of parts which can be taken care of by your average Joe. When you open the hood of your car do you feel overwhelmed with the mass of pipes, tubes and fans? There a few simple things you can do yourself at home to save you time and money.

1. Check your oil level – Most cars dipstick’s have a maximum and minimum marking on them, very simple to read and can be changed by you if you wanted to. If you need some tips on quality motor oils you can visit shareranks to see how different oils rank and their benefits.

2. Coolant – This is something you can check by yourself and won’t need to pay a professional to do it. Most car manuals will direct you to where the coolant will be located under the hood. Usually a white container, you will be able to see the high and low markings on it. Obviously, the liquid inside should be between these two. If not, fill her up, or suck her dry.

3. Engine belts – These should be replaced by a professional but if you know what you’re looking for it could save you getting a check up. You should be replacing your belts every 50,000 miles or so, since they are made of rubber and perish over time in the harsh conditions within the engine. You should get them checked out every 25 thousand miles to make sure they are in good shape. Here is a great article on How to check your engine belts yourself.

You’ll find more info on engine maintenance below the image.

Car engine

Car engine

Check out this Wiki auto maintenance page for more information on what can be done to maintain your engine.

This YouTube video made by Craig1974 who is a self taught mechanic gives some good tips on how to maintain your own engine.

Tires/Tyre Pressure

Choosing tyres can be tiring (pun intended), they are an important decision to make from the start. You have to take into account what sort of driving you will be doing the most of.  Are you going to be driving around the city, in urban areas or are you taking long distance trips daily?

Talking to the guys from your local tyre shop is a good idea if you don’t know where to start. Spending more money on better quality tyres from the beginning could save your life and your money in the long run. Tyre pressure should be checked monthly, most gas stations have do it yourself tyre pressure gauges and fill ups. Having your tyres not filled up to the recommended pressure can affect the fuel economy. If your tyres have worn out and your car is getting a bit old to make it worth replacing them, there are a lot of companies that offer old car removal.


A common misconception is that a premium or high octane fuel will provide you better mileage and performance in all cars. If you own a sports car or a car with an high pressure engine, then the premium fuels will perform better but in most cars it will not help. Premium fuel does not mean more power, if your cars manual says to use regular you should do so.


Petrol pumps at a service station

Petrol pumps at a service station

Maintaining your car interior

Interior maintenance may seem like the least of your worries when it comes to car maintenance, but it can be the most obvious sign of a not cared for vehicle. Keeping everything clean and tidy can be a hassle, but when done properly it can provide some really satisfying results. A car kept clean will stay clean, and seeing how your car interior looks when cleaned like a pro will give you incentive to keep it that way. For some tips on good ways to keep your car clean visit www.wikihow.com

Not worth it anymore?

If you feel like your car is getting the best of you, or you just don’t have the time or money to keep it running. There are a few options for selling your car you can take a look at. Auctioning your car can be a good way to get the most money out out of it. Using an online auctioning site like ebay can produce great results. For more tips on the best ways to sell your car visit news.drive.com. Selling to car wreckers is another option if you’re wanting to get rid of your car quickly. Click the links for more car removal info and cash for cars advice.

Selling privately in your local area or selling/trading to a car dealer are also both viable options. This article titled Sell it or Trade it goes further into this topic. Well worth a read if you’re thinking about using either of these options.